The Travelling Salesman

Hey, this spring I worked on an animated short. If you want to see it, click here:

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“Variety”: A Christmas Card Adventure


Heya! My name’s Evan, and I’m D.M.Swart’s son! You might remember me, as there were photos and mentions of me in the previous blog post¬†about a woodcut known as “Frog”. Speaking of which, we’re here to tell you about our other woodcuts (and linocuts) we’ve done over the past few years. First things first, this is not going to be a how-to – just a plain and simple recording of our trials. Here are some of our other cards:

Now, this blog post is about our latest card. When I say trial and error, this definitely has to be one of our most error-y cards yet. You may wonder why this post is titled¬†“Variety”. It’s because we got a variety of “quality”.

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