About David Swart

In my spare time, I like creating math-art and being part of the math-art community. My projects involve, more often than not, spherical imagery.  Including the graphic designs on soccer balls, spherical panoramas, and novelty cartographic projections.

A lot of the work I have done with Mathematical Art has seen the light of day because of the BRIDGES conference – an international conference about the links between mathematics and art. In addition to participating, I’ve been on its Program Committee each year since 2010, and I had the honour of being the chair of the program committee in 2017, and again in 2021.


Orange Peel Optimization (BRIDGES 2021)

Geodesic Cities (BRIDGES 2020)

Morphing TSP Art (BRIDGES 2017)

Soccer Ball Symmetry (BRIDGES 2015)

Papercraft Panoramas (BRIDGES 2013)

with Sébastien Pérez-Duarte,  The Mercator Redemption (BRIDGES 2013)

with Bruce Torrence, Mathematics Meets Photography Part I Part II (Math Horizons 2011) also appeared in Best Writing on Mathematics 2012

Warping Pictures Nicely (BRIDGES 2011)




  • Flickr sets
  • BRIDGES gallery entries (2011, 2015, 2017)
  • Geodesic City. A sculpture made from paper strips. Shown at the Art Meets Tech event, Kitchener, 2019.

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