Home in the Summer

home in the summer

Here is a new art piece by my brother Michael Swart and I. It’s an equirectangular drawing, drawn with no photography, stitching, or computer modelling. Set in a place that’s meaningful to me: my home, outside, in the summer.

You can read more about the techniques in my earlier blogpost here. What’s special about this one is two things.

  1. It’s especially detailed. To do the pencils, I bought a large (14″ x 17″) pad of paper.
  2. It’s a collaboration with my brother Michael! I did the pencils, and we scanned it and he did the inking for that comic book look.

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Drawing a Spherical Panorama

A spherical panorama is one that captures, not just 360° around, but all the way up and down too. It captures every direction. I want to show you how you can hand draw (or sketch, paint, etc.) these panoramas.  

For instance, here’s my kitchen.


And if you can draw one that adheres to the equirectangular projection, you can upload it to sites like Flickr and Facebook which provide interactive panorama viewers like these ones:

interactive_kitchen interactive_boysroom interactive_work_kitchen interactive_living_room

Hand drawn panoramas are an uncommon art form but they aren’t new. Artists like Dick Termes, Matthew Lopas, Jackie Lima, Arno Hartman, and Tom Lechner have been drawing or painting complete or ultra-wide-angle panoramas for some time. Matthew Lopas’ facebook page features many such paintings, and Tom Lechner’s flickr group has more examples.

Fun right? It seems there are as many ways to accomplish hand drawn panoramas as there are artists doing this. I can show you how I did mine. Follow along.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid when Drawing a Soccer Ball

This is it, the pet peeve that drove me to finally get a blog of my own so I can organize all my thoughts and get this off my chest…  

Soccer balls these days come in all sorts of patterns and colours. But if you want to accurately draw that ‘classic’ soccer ball (the one with black pentagons and white hexagons), then this article can help you by listing some common mistakes to avoid.

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