Home in the Summer

home in the summer

Here is a new art piece by my brother Michael Swart and I. It’s an equirectangular drawing, drawn with no photography, stitching, or computer modelling. Set in a place that’s meaningful to me: my home, outside, in the summer.

You can read more about the techniques in my earlier blogpost here. What’s special about this one is two things.

  1. It’s especially detailed. To do the pencils, I bought a large (14″ x 17″) pad of paper.
  2. It’s a collaboration with my brother Michael! I did the pencils, and we scanned it and he did the inking for that comic book look.

Below is a rundown of how this drawing progressed.

To start I needed a grid the appropriate size. I don’t have a printer that can handle 17 inch sheets of paper. So armed with ruler and a marker, I created a hand-drawn grid to aid with the perspective.

The actual sketching was done in hour-or-so long stints, here and there, throughout the summer of 2016:
layout_smallCreated with GIMPfinalpencils_small

We scanned the pencils, and then Michael digitally added inks…

… flat colours …

… and shading to get the final version you see here:
home in the summer

The final panorama can be viewed in an immersive display over on Flickr


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