Dos and Don’ts of Scrambled Rubik’s Cube Costumes.

It’s Halloween and from time to time you will see some Rubik’s Cube costumes. As one does.  Some of them are store-bought.  The great ones are do-it-yourself jobs. Who wouldn’t want to take on the task of making a cardboard costume?  Of these homemade costumes, the scrambled cubes are the most interesting to look at.  And of the scrambled cube costumes, the ones that could theoretically be solved are the best.

So I want to talk to you – the scrambled, homemade, Rubik’s Cube costume makers – about how to place your coloured panels.  Here’s a list of things to keep in mind when placing your colours so that your costume ends up solvable earning this Swart Seal of Solvability:seal

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